The Liberal Reforms 1906-1914

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  • Liberal Reforms 1906-1914
    • Free School Meals 1906
      • The number of school meals rose from 3 million in 1906 to 9 million in 1910
      • But it wasn't compulsory until 1914. In 1915, only 50% of schools could afford them
    • 1907 School Medical Inspections
      • These were compulsory, but the medical treatment could be free, but it was not compulsory until 1912, so didn't really improve anything
    • Old Age Pensions 1908
      • First uk pensions act. It was 5 shillings a week. Good idea in theory
      • Noone lived to 70. Still didn't meet basic needs of elderly. The people that earnt under 21 shillings a year would have died ages ago.
    • 1908 Children's Act
      • Prevention of cruelty to children, protection of infant life. People child minding kids under 7 had to inform local authorities. It also made it illegal to sell **** to kids under 16.
    • 1909 Labour Exchange
      • An easy way to get jobs for unemployed. First opened up in 1910 and people were v interested
      • Fixed minimum wage
    • National Insurance Act 1910
      • All wage earners between 18-70 had to join a health scheme. Each worker paid 4d a week and got free healthcare
    • 1906 Trade Dispute Act
      • Undid the Taff Vale Judgement
  • Motives For Liberal Reforms 1906-1914
    • New liberalism, Lloyd-George and Churchill
    • Aceptance of the real cause of poverty, Banardos (1869) RSPCC huge demand
    • Rowndtree and Booth survey 1/3 of population in poverty
    • Need healthy population especially after Boer War recruitment scandle
    • Economic boom in Germany and USA. GB need to catch up
    • The dreadnought race and Wilhelm II being a **** 1896 onward


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