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The poem Limbo is about slaves on their journey to America. Although they don't know where they
are going, they must be scared and uncertain. They've fortunately made up a rhythm and sense of
musicality "limbo limbo like me" which appears to get them through their journey. We…

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Island man:

This poem is about a Caribbean island man in London who still wakes up to the sound of the sea.
Although this poem is short it reveals a lot about the man and that he extremely misses his home. He
is in a dream state throughout this poem…

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Night of the Scorpion:

This poem is a narrative poem of a man retelling an event that happened during his childhood. This
event was the night his mother got bit by a scorpion. This poem is set in a poor country as the houses
there have "mud-baked walls" and it…

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Nothing's Changed.

Limbo (identity)

Night of The Scorpion (1st person)

Blessing (inequality)

Two Scavengers (division)

What were they like? (change)

Island Man.

What were they like? (Loss of culture)

Two Scavengers (contrast)

Limbo (transition)

Night of the Scorpion (people)


Night of the Scorpion (cultures)

What were they like? (Cultures)…

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