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  •  Late 19th century-1917 under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. During that period, the disputes were on the basis of religious background and not on national background
  • The Gaza ***** was part of Palestine under the British mandate from 1917-1948. During this period significant Jewish immigration from Europe altered the demographic balance.
  •  The huge influx of refugees in 1948 increased the Gaza *****'s population by more than 300% and was accompanied by resource-loss, the disruption of domestic trade, and an unstable economic situtation
  •     1948-1967The Six-Day War: Border clashes between Syria and Israel in which the parties resided in three separate political entities; The State of Israel, the Gaza ***** which was controlled by Egypt and the West Bank.
  •      When the Israelis occupied Gaza ***** in 1967 after the Six Day War, Gaza's economy was dominated by its service sector and was heavily dependent on citrus agriculture.
  • 1967-1993: The period between the Six-Day War and the Oslo Accords, in which the conflicted parties reside in the areas addressed by the UN Partition Plan.
  •   Hundreds have been killed since the Accord in 1993.
  • 1993-2000: The period between the Oslo Accords and the Second Intifada, in which Israel existed alongside the semi-sovereign political autonomy - the Palestinian Authority.
  •   2000–2005: The period between the beginning of the Second Intifada up until 2005, in which Israel returned to perform arresting operations in Area A zones in the West Bank.
  •  2005–Present: The period after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza *****. The withdrawal led to the strengthening of Hamas, which in 2006 won an election, then took control over the Gaza *****.
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  Balfour Declaration (1917)

  King-Crane Commission (1919)

  1920 Palestine riots

  1921 in Jaffa

  1929 Palestine riots

  1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine

  The approval of the UN Partition Plan according to which Palestine would be divided into two states – a Jewish state and an Arab state (1947)

  1947–1948 Civil War in Mandate Palestine

  1948 Arab-Israeli War, 1948 Palestinian exodus and the establishment of the state of Israel (1948)

  The creation of the Palestinian refugee problem (1948–1951) and Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim lands (1948–1952)

  Suez Crisis (1956)

  War over Water (1964–1967)

  Six-Day War (1967) – Israel occupies the territories populated by Palestinians from Jordan and Egypt, prompting 1967 Palestinian exodus while Arab League's policy causes the final phase of Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim lands (1967–1972)

  War of Attrition (1968–1970)

  Black September – the deportation of the PLO from Jordan to Lebanon (1970)

  Operation Litani – Israel's military campaign which pushed PLO forces north of the Litani river (1978)

  First Lebanon War - Israeli invasion of Lebanon in order to expel PLO forces from the country (1982)

  First Intifada - Palestinian uprising against Israel in the Palestinian Territories (1987–1993)

  Second Intifada (began in 2000)

  Israel's unilateral disengagement plan (2005)

  The Gaza War (2008–2009)

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