What to include for an A* Spanish writing or speaking assessment!

A checklist/tips for writing your Spanish writing and speaking controlled assessments! :)

Hope it helps!


Checklist for Spanish writing and speaking exams

To impress the examiner and get an A* include:

  • A mixture of tenses: present, imperfect, preterite, future, conditional etc. For example, antes + imperefect pero ahora + present or si + present + future
  • Adverbs e.g. normalmente, muy, siempre...
  • Complex opinions with JUSTIFICATION e.g. why are eating fruit and vegetables are good for you...
  • Varied opinion starters e.g. me molesta, me gusta...
  • Comparative adjectives e.g. es mas (adjective) que..., es mejor que...
  • Superlative adjectives e.g. es el/la más (adjective)...
  • Relative pronouns e.g. donde, cuando...
  • Para + infinitive for 'in order to...'
  • A variety of negatives e.g. ni, falta...
  • And remember to make your adjectives agree to your nouns
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