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Spanish Speaking exam
Higher tier
This should hopefully help anyone who is
attempting the Spanish speaking examination,
higher tier…read more

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What is included in the Spanish
speaking exam?
Two role plays (Roleplay 2&3)
A one minute speech/presentation and 2-3
questions about that subject
2 sections of gerneral conversation e.g school
and Holidays
You get 15 mins prep time, to prepare your
roleplays…read more

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The mark scheme
Roleplay 2- 8 marks
Roleplay 3- 8 marks
1 mins speech/presentation- 4 marks
Discussion of presentation (questions with it)
and general conversation- 10 marks
Overall linguistic quality- 20 marks…read more

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The role plays
You only get to see the role plays when you
reach the prep room.
Here you have to make up the sentences for
your roleplay
Roleplay 2 is a conversation between you and
your teacher where they will ask a question
and you answer by what is on the prep sheet
usually requiring you to ask for something e.g
book a room
Roleplay 3 is a long conversation about
something that has happened in the past. E.g a…read more

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Role play examples
Roleplay 2
`you are at an airport in Geneva and you wish to book a
holiday, your teacher play the role of the receptionist'
You must say, you would like to book a trip to
Barcelona, give two details about when you would like
to fly (tomorrow night, 3 on Monday)
Say you went to Madrid Last February
And answer a question
Now this is a typical question you just have to translate
it into Spanish, you should know the basic vocabulary
(especially if taking higher) to make up these
sentences, the question asked will always relate to the
conversation, like in this example it could be `how long
are u going to stay in Barcelona for'?…read more

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Role play examples
Roleplay 3-…read more

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