What NOT to do in Poetry responses!


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What NOT to do in response to poetry questions!

  • Don't copy out the question
  • Don't begin by *In this essay I will be talking about ‘Afternoons' .......etc...Get straight to the point. "Afternoons" is a rather depressing poem which........on the other hand " " contrasts....bla bla.

  • Don't write things like "Larkin uses metaphors to describe some of the things like ‘hollows of afternoons'. Another metaphor is ‘estateful of washing' This only shows the examiner TWO things......that you don't have a clue what a metaphor is or why it is used. Try something like this: The boredom of the young mother's lives is seen in the metaphor ‘hollows of the afternoons' which shows the void and emptiness in their lives generally.

  • Never call writers by their first names: Philip's poem ‘Afternoons'.

  • Never say ‘the poet is TRYING to say' - as this implies that he or she is unsuccessful in doing it.

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  • TRY NOT TO write about one poem and then another - make cross references.

  • NEVER just tell the story of a poem - unless you are looking forward to an E grade!

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