Poetry comparison

The 5 point check list for every poem comparative essay for KS3/4

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  • Poetry Comparison
    • Form
      • Rhyming scheme eg ABBAB or couplets
      • How many stanzas?
      • Stanza structure eg free verse, QUATRAINS (4 lines per stanza)
    • Language Devices
      • Metaphors, similes, personifying?
      • Any repetition or semantic/lexical fields (group of words with same meaning)
      • Has anything been exaggerated for dramatic effect - HYPERBOLE
      • Language on a word or sentence level - eg adverb, adjectives or verbs etc
    • Reader Response
      • What is YOUR opinion on the poem and how did it effect you?
      • Even if you don’t like the poem, try to pick out a theme and how it effected your view eg dark theme makes it morbid
      • Even the stanza structure could affect your view and how it reflects the actual theme
    • Imagery
      • This can always be linked to reader response - a certain type of may imagery could either disgust you or make you more interested
      • Popular types of imagery include love, religion, dark and morbid imagery or simply apathy (an uninteresting theme such as Neutral Tones by Thomas Hardy
      • Imagery could be shown through metaphors within nature etc or even characters themselves. If a person is evil, this would certainly affect the poem overall
    • Tone
      • Exactly the same as theme. This is the easiest point to make and could only be a couple of lines.
    • Include these 5 topics, one for each stanza so 5 paragraphs in a comparative essay


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