Weimar Republic Opposition

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Led By: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.

When: Early 1919.

Where: Many towns all over Germany.

Why: They argued against Ebert's plans for a democratic Germany.

What happened: They set up Soviet communities to try and overcome the government. Ebert made a deal with the Friekorps. When they won Liebknecht and Luxemburg died and the Friekorps and Spartacists started fighting.

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Kapp Putsch

Led By: Wolfgang Kapp.

When: March 1920

Where: Berlin, the capitol of Germany.

Why: They wanted a return to the Kaiser's Germany. They wanted a strong military and for Germany to return to world power status.

What happened: Wolfgang led 500 Friekorps into Berlin. Friekorps believed Ebert could do more to make Germany strong. Army refused to shoot German citizens. Ebert forced Germany to go on strike. The Putsch didn't work so Kapp fled.

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Munich Putsch

Led By: Adolf Hitler

When: November 1923

Where: Munich, in the state of Bavaria

Why: Hitler hated Ebert's government and wanted to destroy the Treaty of Versailles in order to return Germany to greatness.

What happened: Hitler hijacked a local government meeting and announced he was taking over Bavaria. He was joined by a war hero called Ludendorff. Nazi Storm Troopers (SA) began taking over government buildings. Bavarian leader Von Kahr informed Ebert and the Weimar Republic sent in German police. Resulted in 16 Nazis dying and Hitler escaping by car. He was eventually found and sent to Landsberg jail for 5 years for treason.

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