GCSE History: Opposition to the Weimar Republic

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Opposition to the Weimar Republic
The Spartacist uprising
This was the name of the German Communist party, which was led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl
Liebneckt. They wanted to overthrow the Republic and set up a communist government. Their
attempt to seize power in January 1919 was unsuccessful when the republic called upon the
Freikorps, volunteer ex servicemen, who shot the two leaders `resisting arrest'.
The Kapp putsch
This was an attempt by the Freikorps to overthrow the Weimar republic in March 1920, led by Dr
Kapp, a strong opponent of the republic and the treaty of Versailles. The freikorps seized Berlin and
forced the government to flee. The putsch was defeated by a workers general strike.
The Nazis
Hitler believed in the `stab in the back theory' and strongly opposed the treaty of Versailles. He was
determined to overthrow the wiener republic. By 1920 he had his own party, the Nazis which, within
two years, had attracted a number of supporters as well as its own private army, known as the
stormtroopers or brownshirts.


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