Weight, Mass and Gravity



  • Gravity attracts all masses, this has 2 important effects:
    1. on the surface of a planet, it makes all things acceletate towards the ground (same acceleration- approximately 10 m/s2 on Earth)
    2. It gives everything a weight (N)
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  • the amount of stuff in an object
  • for any given object, it will have the same value anywhere in the universe
  • measured in Kg (kilograms)
  • measured with a mass balance
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  • caused by the pull of gravitational force
  • weight changes value in different parts of the universe
  • measured in N (Newtons)
  • measured using a spring balance or a newton meter
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Weight Equation and Example Question

Weight (N) = Mass (Kg) x Gravitational Field Srength (10 N/Kg on Earth)

  • Example question:
    What is the weight, in newtons, of a 10Kg mass on Earth? 

Weight = 10 x 10 = 100 N 

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