Weight, Mass and Gravity

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  • Weight, Mass and Gravity
    • Gravitational force
      • Definition: Forces of attraction between all masses
        • Bigger the mass, bigger the attraction
        • Makes everything on the surface fall towards the ground at the same acceleration.
        • It gives everything a weight.
      • Gravitational Potential energy measured in N/kg
    • Weight
      • Caused by gravity
        • The value of weight changes as the force of gravity changes around the universe
      • Measured in Newtons (N)
        • Using a Newton meter or a Spring balance
      • Weight is a force
    • Mass
      • Mass is the amount of stuff in an object
      • Measured in Kilograms (kg)
        • Using a mass balance
        • The value of Mass is the same around the universe
      • Mass is not a force
    • Formula
      • W=MxG
        • Mass times gravity equals weight


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