War of The Roses


Henry VI Inheriting The Throne

Henry V had been a great ruler however he died early.

The throne past down to his son who was still a minor

Henry VI was different to his father and was more intested in the church than the military

He became influenced by certain nobles

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Henry VI Losing the Throne

In 1461 Henry VI was desposed of and replaced by the Earl of March, who became Edward VI

In 1470, Edward IV was overthrown by his former allies, George, Duke of Clarence and Richard, Earl of Warwick, and was replaced with once again Henry VI

Just a few moths later, Edward IV regained the thrown and had Henry IV murdered.

Edward VI ruled peacefully until his sudden death in 1483. (Aged 40)

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How did the Yorkists win the Throne

Edward VI's father - the Duke of York (Richard) who had inherited titles form his own father (The Earl of Cambridge), who had fought and died at the Battke if Agincourt

Richard married Cecily Neville, which brouhgt his powerful political and military support from the Neville family.

He disliked the rule and government of Hnery VI and attempted to over-throw him in 1460

He failed however was made heir to the throne by an Act of Parliament in 1460. However eh was killed that same year in the Battle of Wakefield.

HIs eldest son Edward V became King, aged 12, but was killed ( along with younger brother) shortly after the royal proclamation

In 1485, Richard III was overthrown at the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor

Henry VIII acsession to the throne was the first peaceful one by the Kings son since 1422.


Battle of AgincourtHenry V, the young king of England, leads his forces to victory at the Battle of Agincourt in northern France. Almost 6,000 Frenchmen lost their lives during the Battle of Agincourt, while English deaths amounted to just over 400. With odds greater than three to one, Henry had won one of the great victories of military history. After further conquests in France, Henry V was recognized in 1420 as heir to the French throne and the regent of France. 

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