Battle of Stoke Field

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Battle of Stoke Field


  • Lambert Simnel  was impersonating the Earl of Warwick and in May 1487, he was crowned as King Edward in Ireland. This was all orchestrated by the Earl of Lincoln.
  • In retaliation, Henry exhibited the real Earl of Warwick at the tower of London which, suppressed support for the pretender.
  • Lincoln fled to Burgundy which made this now a foreign affair. there he joined Lord Lovell and they persuaded Margaret of Burgundy to support Lambert Simnel and to fund an invasion of England
  • Henry reinstated the Earl of Northumberland which neutralised his Yorkist support in the North.
  • The rebels, funded by and sent by Margaret of Burgundy, landed in Cumbria in 1487 and tried to muster yorkist support but this failed.
  • Henry's army defeated them at the Battle of Stoke Field and the Earl of Lincoln was killed.


  • The success on the battlefield consolidated Henry's power and gained him more support from yorkist supporters.
  • It angered Margaret of Burgundy and she continued to support pretenders, the following being Perkin Warbeck in 1492.
  • THe battle effectively ended the Wars of the Roses and Henry's position became safe but not secure.
  • After this point, Yorkists were not much of a threat in terms of the nobility, it was just Perkin Warbeck that created the biggest threat.

Overall summary

Overall, the Battle of Stoke Field was essential and is seen to be the end of the Wars of the Roses. this therefore meant that it eliminated another threat to the throne and made Henry safe. However, it was not the last time that his throne was threatened.


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