Venice case study

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  • High water/ aqua alta has been a persistent phenomenom throughout Venice's history
  • Ciy has dealt with rising sea levels either by demolishing old buildings/ erecting new homes  on higher foundations made of impermable stone
  • Has an amazing arhitectural and cultural heriatge- want to preserve historic buildings

What happened

  • 1,500 years ago Adriatic's sea level 2m what it is below today
  • City slowly sinking
  • Resulted mainly from natural settling of lagoon sediments and the pumping of freshwater from a deep aquifier beneath city
  • Continous accumulation of of silt in the lagoon is also helping to rise sea levels
  • Extraction of methane gas in the sea off Venice stands contibuting to the sinking
  • Venice currently suffers from flooding on 200 days every year, compared with 7 at the beggining of 20th century
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