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History Revision…read more

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Paper 1 topics
Treaty of Versailles
League of Nations
Collapse of international peace
USA…read more

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Treaty of Versailles…read more

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Aims of the "Big Three"
Georges Clemenceau (France)- Wanted to make Germany pay, wanted
to make Germany weak, wanted the Rhineland independent
Woodrow Wilson(USA)- 14 points, self-determination in eastern
Europe, disarmament.
Lloyd George (Great Britain)- Punishment and make Germany pay,
protect the British Empire, compromise…read more

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Terms of the Treaty of Versailles
Guilt- Germany accepted blame "for causing all the loss and damage" of the war.
Army- 100,000 men allowed
No submarines,
No air force,
6 battleships,
Conscription banned
Rhineland de-militarised
Reparations - £6,600 million ­ in instalments until 1984
Germany lost land ­ Land was given to Britain, France, other countries or the League
League of Nations set up…read more

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How the Germans felt
Unfairly Treated- No part in conference talks, forced to sign, they didn't like some
of the points in the Treaty.
Guilt- They didn't believe they were to blame for the outbreak of the war.
Armed Forces ­ Meant Germany couldn't defend itself against especially smaller
Reparations- Starved German children
Germany lost territory- humiliating, was the opposite to self determinations, made
Germany look poorer.
League of Nations- an insult, meant that they couldn't defend themselves
Extra- Forbidding Anschluss was against the principle of self- determination…read more

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