USA 1919-1941

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Prosperity in the 1920s

Boom Time

How did America achieve economic prosperity? 

  • Car industry
  • raw materials e.g Coal and Iron Ore
  • First World War during: money, weapons and food
  • new technology:  telephone, advertising and electricity
  • Stock Market Investment
  • Republican Policy laissez faire (leave alone

Isolationism: To focus on your own country

Woodrow Wilson's ideas

  • Shaping the peace after the war
  • League of Nations (did not join) Treaty of Versailles (refused)
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How far was America divided?

Groups that did not benefit from prosperity

Workers in older industries

New technology

Over production led to wage cuts

Mines closed led to loss of jobs


Over production led to falling prices

falling prices led to falling production 

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Organised Crime

Hijackers stole smuggled alcohol

Bootleggers: people who produced alcohol to sell to other people in America

Speakeasies: Illegal drinking clubs sprang up with secret passwords at the door

Moonshiners: made their own alcohol

Prohibition ended in 1933

There was a public demand for alcohol, many people were willing to break the law for alcohol. It also led to corruption, police became involved in liquor trade aswell.

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