America 1919-1941

America 1919-1941 summary.

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The Causes and Consequences of the Economic Boom

  • Europe was devastated at the end of the war.
  • The USA lent Europe money and sold them goods.
  • Industries applied mass production for high demand, they could sell cheaper and produce more.
  • Laissez-faire- wages fell


  • Involvement without commintment.
  • did not join the League of Nations
  • restrictions on immigration
  • tariffs on goods from abroad- but USA, however other countries but taxes on USA goods.
  • Emergancy Tariff Act 1921- taxes on imported goods
  • Budget and Accounting Act, 1921- controls on government spending
  • Revenue Act, 1921- changed taxes, charged businesses more but less on profit
  • Fordney and McCumber Tariff Act, 1922- raised tariffs on imported goods.
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This is not helpful, this isn't the whole of the 1919-1941!!!

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