urban growth and decline

urban growth and decline and why it happens

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urban growth and decline

  • urban growth- when an urban areas becomes more developed and advanced. new features grow such as new markets, improving image, move government support
  • urban decline- when urban areas become delapidated due to deindustrialisation, loss of investment, poor image
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why do we get urban growth?

  • access to new resources
  • opening of new markets
  • local enterprise
  • TNC investment
  • government support
  • high rates of natural increase
  • favourable image and popular perception
  • net in migration (rural to urban)
  • globalisation
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why do we get urban decline?

  • natural disaster
  • change in physical geograhy
  • exhaustion of local resources
  • de industrialisation
  • loss of investment
  • poor image and unpopular perception
  • net out migration (urban to rural)
  • fall in natural increase
  • globalisation creates more competition
  • immigration resulting segrigation
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