Unit 2 Physcis Edexcel Topic 1:Electrostatics

Revision cards on the uses of electrostatics. ( my notes are adapted from the Edexcel Collins Additional Science Student Book, B2,C2,P2 )

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Electrostatic induction.

  • Electrostatic induction is a redistrubution of electrical charge in an object caused by another charged object.

Examples of induction:

  • Small pieces of paper are attracted to a chaged ruler or a comb.
  • Dust sticks to the negatively charged screen of a television.
  • A stream of water from a tap can be bent towards a charged insulator.
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Uses of electrostatics.

  • Electrostatic paint sprayers- Used to give metal objects(car bodies,bicycle frames e.t.c) an even coating of paint.
  • The object that is being sprayed is connected to a negative supply, and the nozzle of the sprayer is charged positive, which makes the droplets emerging from the spray positively charged.
  • The postitively charged droplets of paint repel eachother, and form a dispersed cloud.
  • The droplets are attracted to the object being sprayed.
  • The same technique is used to spray plants with insecticides. The insecticide is given a postive charge whilst the plant aquires a negative charge by induction.   
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