Unit 1b - Credibility

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  • Credibility - Whether someone's claims or evidence can be believed
    -"Where has this claim come from?"
  • Plausibility - Whether or not a claim itself or piece of evidence is reasonable
    - "Can I believe this?" 
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Credibility Criteria

R Reputation - Based on past performance. It is what is said or believed about the character of a person or an organisation.

A Ability to perceive - Consider factors that affect the ability to perceive an event e.g. mental or physical state

V Vested interest - Personal interest, usually financial, in a state of affairs or an organisation, leading to the expectation of personal gain from a favourable outcome

E Expertise - Skills, experience, and training that give someone specialist knowledge and judgement

N Neutrality/bias - Neutrality; being impartial, having no reason to favour either side in a dispute or difference of opinion. Bias; a prejudice in favour of one said rather than another

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Credibility Criteria

C Consistency - Inconsistency is when evidence or an argument contains two claims which cannot both be correct at the same time

C Corroboration - Whether the evidence of one witness agrees with that of other witnesses. Confirmation of, or support for, evidence given by one source by another source.

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