Unit 1.4


What is the process of recruiting a new employee?

Job Description - They need to decide what kind of work they want the employee to do.

Person Specification - What skills/qualities they are looking for.

Adevertise the job - How much they want to spend for the advert (local newspaper, internet etc)

Shortlisting - The owner chooses the best people to interview or give a trial to, can shortlist by qualifications and skills

Interview - A common way of selecting workers.

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What influences how much an employee is paid?

  • Qualifications
  • Age and law
  • experience
  • responsibility
  • how much other similar firms are paying
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What are monetary benefits and fringe benefits?

Monetary Benefits...

  • Bonuses
  • Commission
  • Profit Sharing
  • Paying money into their pension

Fringe Benefits...

  • Company car
  • Private health care scheme
  • free mobile phone or laptop
  • staff discount
  • clothing allowance
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Factors that might motivate employees

  • Empowerment - giving workers responsibility
  • Job rotation - prevents boredom, develops skills, can cover for each other
  • Monetary Techniques - such as bonuses, they'll want the money but this can then cost a small business a lot of money.
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How to improve the efficiency of a business?

  • reduce mistakes/waste
  • invest in the most advanced machinery
  • increase workers' motivation
  • bulk buying
  • cheaper suppliers - however quality could decrease
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what technology is used in production?

  • CAD - computer aided design
  • robots
  • stock control programmes
  • communication technology - internet
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How can a business measure the quality of their bu

  • number of mistakes (defects)
  • customer feedback
  • customer complaints/returns
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What are the advantages of Quality assurance?

  • Reduce waste
  • Detect problems early
  • Make employees feel more involved
  • Saves time - higher quality products first time round
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What are the examples of good customer service?

  • Pre, during and after sales advice
  • Friendly employes
  • Reliable products
  • Satisfied customers
  • Quick, yet effiecient
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