Two nuclei from one.

The importance of making new cells.

-GROWTH= Multicellular organisms grow by producing new extra cells. Each cell is genetically identical to the parent cell so can perform the same functions.

-REPAIR=Damaged cells need to be replaced by new ones that perform the same job as the rest so need to be identical (same as with growth).

-REPLACEMENT=Red blood cells and skin cells are replaced by new ones.

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Differences between how plans and animal cells go

-In animals, most cells are capable of mitosis and cytokinesis, whereas in plants only special cells, known as MERISTEM CELLS can divide this way.

-Plant cells do not have CENTRIOLES- the TUBULIN PROTEIN THREADS are made in the CYTOPLASM.


  • Starts from the OUTSIDE ('nipping in' the cell membrane).


  • Starts with the formation of a CELL PLATE where the SPINDLE EQUATOR was.
  • New CELL MEMBRANE and CELL WALL material is laid down along the CELL PLATE.
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