Turning to Crime - Main Studies

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  • Turning to Crime
    • Cognition
      • Yochelson & Samenow - A study of thinking patters in criminals
      • Kohlberg - Moral development in children
      • Gudjohnsson & Bownes - The attribution of blame and type of crime committed
    • Upbringing
      • Farrington - The Cambridge study into delinquent development
      • Bandura et al - Social learning theory and transmission of aggression
      • Wikstrom & Tafel - The Peterborough youth study
    • Biology
      • Raine et al - Brain abnormalities in murderers indicated by PET
      • Bruner et al - A study of violence in a family with genetic abnormality
      • Daly  Wilson - Investigation of gender-related life expenctancy




Nice summary ;) Thank you this has helped me remember easily which studies belong to which researcher

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