Tupelo Honey: Melody, Rhythm and Metre

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Tupelo Honey: Melody, Rhythm and Metre


  • Improvised variants on melodic shape
  • Three note Motif (D,F,G) heard throught the piece e.g. The opening flute
  • Based on a 5-note Bb pentatonic scale (Bb,C,D,F,G) 
  • The Melody uses the higer end of the male range. The highest note Bb is in bar 37
  • Mostly Syllabic, whith Melismatic sections
  • Dictated by lyrics, not melody line

Rhythm and Metre

  • 4/4
  • Slow ballad (allows room for improvisation/decoration)
  • Vocal line is syncopated 
  • Complex solo sections (bar 21-36)
  • Bass uses repeated rhythmic ideas
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