Tudors Succession Crisis 1553



  • Edward VI died on July 6th 1553 - Mary was next in line according to Henry VIII's Act of Succession 1544. 
  • This caused inevitable turmoil as Mary was catholic. 
  • Northumberland had been closely liked to radical protestantism and feared for his life should Mary ascend to the throne.
  • Northumberland plotted to place Lady Jane Grey (Great Granddaughter of Henry VII) on the throne. 
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Northumberland's Plot.

  • June 1553 - Mary and Elizabeth both declared illegitimate.
  • Edward drafted a will signed by 102 members of the nobility leaving the succession of Lady Jane Grey and her heirs male. 
  • BUT Edward died before parliament could retify the new line of succession, meaning the 'Devyse' could be illegal. 
  • Northumberland proclaimed Lady Jane Grey as queen July 9th 1553. 
  • In response, Mary gathered her Catholic supporters and members of the nobility in Norfolk. 
  • Northumberland summoned 2,000 troops but members of the Army and Navy proclaimed their support for Mary. 
  • The Council gave in support for Mary as Queen July 19th 1553.
  • Northumberland realised his plan had failed and supported Mary as Queen July 20th 1553. 
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  • Northumberland was executed for treason in 1554. 
  • Lady Jane Grey and her husband Guilford Dudley executed after the Wyatt Rebellion 1554. 
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