Tudor Succession After Edward

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Succession After Edward pt 1

- Issue with the succession - Edward had no children and HVIII's only other children were women, although technically they can rule

- Succession = Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane Grey, Catherine Grey, Mary Grey, Margaret Clifford, MQS

- Mary I - declared illegitimate in 1534 Succession Act but repealed in 1544 but illegitimacy never overturned. This is reason used to block her from succession (real reason is religion but won't hold up due to previous Catholic monarchs) 

- Elizabetth I - declared illegitimate in 1536 Succession Act and repealed in 1544 but same as Mary. Religion is not an issure (she's Prot) but can't disbar Mary and not her 

- Only option left is Frances Grey/Brandon but too old, won't produce male heirs, already has 3 daughters. Better change is his daughter Jane Grey. 

- Jane Grey = married NL son (speculated that NL is behind this) 

- Edward's devise says he wanted a male heir to be crowned, realised he didn't have enought time so included Jane Grey

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Succession After Edward pt 2

- Passed to Lady Jane Grey because MQS was RC and a foreigner 

- NL thought he could control her, married to his son (not credible)

- 12th June- NL + law officers visit Ed, he has three weeks to live

- NL gives order to draw up will for Ed incorporating devise (LJG)

- Law officers = not happy as it is illegal (Ed= underage) + couldn't legally make a will 

- Lord Chief Justice Montague refused + NL exploded in rage 

- Montague reluctantly agreed to draft will as letter patent

- 21 June- all important councillors forced to swear to the devise

- Ed died before will confirmed so HVIII Succession Act = still valid

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