Ch5: Edward IV and Richard III 1471-1485

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How effectively did Edward IV re-establish himself as king?

Edward's first major task was to re-establish himself as king. He had to deal with those who supported Lancastrians in the past, as well as Wales and the north, which took a big part in him losing the throne in 1470. As in his first reign, he did not take revenge on those who supported the Lancastrians and instead issued pardons and fines. Those who remained loyal were rewarded - Lord Hastings was made Captain of Calais and the Earl of Warwick's estates were shared between Gloucester and Clarence. Edward's stepson, Thomas Grey, was made Marquis of Dorset, dominating the south-west of England.

Edward had a major issue with Wales. He found it very difficult to control, especially the north with Harlech Castle holding out for years against the king. Margaret of Anjou fled there after the Battle of Northampton in 1460, and the castle continued to be a Lancastrian hideout til 1468. At the start of Edward's 2nd reign, Wales continued to be a problem - Jasper Tudor only fled the area in 1471.

Having regained the throne, Edward made it his aim to show Wales his authority. William Herbert controlled Wales effectively but after his death his son wasn't very good, so he was removed from the earldom…


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