Transitional Period Sculpture

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Piraeus Apollo



Allowed for greater movement of figure, bronze was more durable and doesn't break

Development from kouros pose - right leg forward, hands outstretched, eyes better sized and more proportional.

1.82m tall

Severe expression - no more archaic smile

Beaded hair still

Musculature moulded but exagerated in an attempt to create a perfect human figure

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Kritios Boy


Parian Marble

3'10" tall

Kritias (suculptor) beleived to be originally in bronze

Contrapposto pose - weight on left leg - breaks symmetry, more natural way to stand

Severe expression

Moulded muscles which are highly accurate

Hair etched with lines, although repetitive, much better than unrealistic beads

Coccyx is on the back.

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Blonde Boy


Parian Marble

Severe expression

Head is tilted, likely part of a whole body in contrapposto pose

Short hair with repetitive etched lines

Detailied realistic facial features

Traces of blonde paint in hair, hence the name

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Delphic Charioteer




Straight and upright posture

Realistic, well proportioned face - had eyelashes, only possible to do in bronze, Wears a repetitive diadem

Mouth is open giving a sense of awe/shock - can't believe he just won the race

Etched hair, but a repetitive pattern

Flute like drapery, almost like a column 

Little motion in the drapery suggest the chariot is stationary

Legs are unnaturally long, nessesary for the charioteer to be seen from his chariot 

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Zeus/Poseidon of Artemision


Sculpted by Kalamis

2.09m tall


Could be either Zeus or Poseidon, unknown as attribute is missing

Perfect physique

Little stress in the muscles for the activity - abdomen as if standing still, little stress in chest. Okay because it is a god?

Right heel raised in motion of throwing

Severe expression. Head is turned to look to where he is throwing

Back is realistic and has a distinct coccyx between the spine and buttocks

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Riache Warrior A


Very idealistic, but realistic, they seem to be alive



An old face with a young body



Very thick ridge of muscles around the waist, physically impossible. No coccyx

Head tilted to the side 

Holding spear and shield 

Rejection of symmetry calculated

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Riache Warrior B





Eyes made of bone and glass

******* and lips made of copper

Highly detailed beard, no repitition 

No coocyx and imposible ridge, 



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Late 5th Century BC

Sculpted by Myron

Original in bronze, only Roman marble copies remain

Depicts a discus thrower mid throw

Arc is used to create curvature. Contrasted by zig-zags

Very accurate in how the musculature reacts to the movement of the body in the midst of throwing the discus 

Idealistic realism 

Rhythmos - Body balanced and in harmony - allowed for by the use of the arc 

Bronze wouldnt be leaning on a stump, it is for structural support

Figure feels permeated with energy

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