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There are three types of tranformations, Rotation, Reflection and Translations.

Rotation is when you rotate a shape and it stays the same. It can turn different directions as it can turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. You also need to know where the centre of rotation is as you will not know from which point you are rotating. (If you need help when getting you centre of rotation , if your allowed tracing paper, draw the shape and hold your pencil down on the centre of rotation whilst you are rotating it and rotate it.)

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Reflection and Translations

Reflection is when you reflect a shape so it becomes a different way round. You do this exactly the way you would do symmetry. Make sure you know where the mirror line is so you can reflect it correctly and so you can work out where your reflection goes, do not forget the mirror line as it is very important!

Translations is when you move a shape but the shape stays the same, it only moves. It can be moved left, right, up or down. To write what the translation is, you have to put how many it goes up/down and how many times it goes left/right  (i.e 2 up 7 across).

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Key words for Transformations

Key words for Transformations-

  • Rotate
  • Clockwise
  • Anti-clockwise
  • Centre of rotation
  • Co-ordinates
  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Reflect
  • Mirror line
  • Mirror
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Move
  • Directions
  • Degrees
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Line of Symmetry

A shape could also have lines of symmetry. This means if a shape is the same if there is a mirror line going through the middle of it, it has a line of symmetry. There could be a range of mirror line on one shape, like a circle which has many mirror lines as it has no odd angles, it has the same angle going all around it.

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