year 9 maths summer revision list

maths for nlcs year 9 for maths.

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Year 9 summer revision list
Draw and use tree diagrams.
Conditional probability (picking two balls out of a bag, one after the other, without
Apply probability to simple problems.
Multiply out brackets.
Factorise linear and quadratic expressions.
Change the subject of a formula.
Understand and use geometrical properties to find a missing length of similar shapes.
Understand and use sine, cosine and tangent of acute angles to determine lengths and
angles of rightangled triangles.
Apply trigonometrical methods to solve problems in two dimensions (including
Understand and use angles of elevation and depression.
Convert recurring decimals into fractions. (Such as 1/3 ­ 0.333333...)
Simultaneous equations
Know how to form and solve simultaneous equations algebraically.
Solve simultaneous equations graphically (straight lines only)
Circle properties and geometric reasoning
Use circle theorems to find missing angles (must have reasoning/explanations)
Identify and give complete descriptions of transformations.
Be able to perform transformations on an object.
Construct frequency/grouped frequency tables and use them to calculate the
mean/median and mode.
Construct a cumulative frequency diagram from tabulated data and use it to estimate the
median, quartiles and interquartile range.
Understand the concept of a measure of spread using range and interquartile range.
Bar charts and frequency polygons.

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Standard form
Standard form with positive and negative indices.
Plot and draw graphs with nonlinear equations.
Recognise the shapes of nonlinear graphs.
Use graphs to solve simple equations.
Algebraic fractions
Simplifying algebraic fractions.
Perform arithmetic operations using algebraic fractions.
Represent simple linear inequalities on a graph and use shading to identify a required
Find the perimeter and area of a sector of a circle.
Find the surface are and/or volume of a sphere, cone or pyramid using relevant
formulae.…read more


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