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Kleinke 1977- Touch

Aim: Kleinke wanted to see if touch increased compliance with a request (increased the liklihood that a person would do as asked)

Method: One researcher left a coin in a public phone box, waited until someone used the phone then when they came out approached the person, explained that they had left the money and asked if they would give it back. Sometimes they would gently put their hand on the persons arm when making the request; sometimes they would not

Results: The money was far more likely returned if the individual was touched on the arm while making the request then if they were not touched

Conclusion: Touch is interpreted by people as a positive gesture as a gesture inddicatiing that the person who touches is friendly and honest 

Evaluation: + Tis is a field study and has high ecological validity it was done in real lie setting and findings indicate how people behave in their ordinary everyday lives

- It is not possible to select a representative sample of people in such a study and therefore the pps cannot be randomly allocated to the two conditions as one who was tocuhed could be more cooperative+honest thena someone who wasnt touched and the touch had nothing to do with it

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