Non Verbal Communication

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  • Non Verbal Communication
    • Verbal Communication
      • Argyle: Tone had 5 times effect of message
      • Davitz and Davitz: paralingusics, emotions- affection, disgust, amusement, fear
    • Eye Contact
      • Argyle: Eye contact conversation, dark glasses
      • Hess: Pupil dialtion emotion
      • Kenden: Break eye contact/ look away
    • Facial Expression
      • Sackeim: Left side of face nicer
    • Personal Space
      • Argyle and Dean: sex differences, converse
      • Willis: closer to people of own age
      • Williams: Personality introvert extrovert
      • Summer: cultural differences enlgish and arab
      • Zahn: status
    • Body Language
      • Posture
        • McGinley: postural echo
        • McGinley: open closed posture
      • Gestures
        • Lynn and Mynier: Waitresses gestures
      • Touch
        • Fisher: Librarian touch


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