Topic 4- Is childhood disappearing?

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Topic 4- Is childhood disappearing?

  •  Postman: Concerned with disappearance of childhood

-Children becoming exposed to a range of experiances that they share with adults: Globalized media, Eroding cultural divisions, No longer sheltered from adult experiances and knowledge.  Merging taste of style, behaviour, language and attitudes becoming indistinguible

- BBC news school report: 11 to 16 year olds in 2011 found most concerned about terrorism and climate change. This shows the distinction between children and adults is disappearing

  • Margo: Average age for first sexual intercourse fell, 20 years old for men and 21 for women in 1950's to 16 for both ages in mid 1990's- Concern over the sexualisation of childhood
  • Cunnigham: Parental authority has been undermined by children having money from parents- 2014 Annual Halifax PM survey- Average child between 8-15 recieved PM around £6.35 a week
  • Silvia: Roles of parents maybe diminishing,growing importance of peers& other influences. Parents no longer able to manage/control in what children are exposed to. Reduces oppertunities for parents to socialize their children and regulate behaviour
  • Palmer: Parents use modern tech to keep children occupied- "Toxic childhood syndrome"
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