To Kill A Mockingbird

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Injustice/justice and the law

  • Bob's actions against Tom (Tom is a victim)
  • Society show gender injustice (Miss Maudie cant be on the jury)
  • Boo is treated differently even when people dont know him
  • Atticus chooses to defend Tom
  • Atticus is a lawyer (upholds the law) and Jem wants to follow in his footsteps
  • Heck Tate is sheriff so is meant to uphold the law but decides to 'bend' the rules for Boo 


  • Jury take longer than usual to find Tom guilty
  • Dill feels powerless against change but wants it to happen whereas Bob is resistant to change
  • Scouts view on Boo and Scout and Jem's view on Atticus
  • Maycomb is slow to change unike Dills town (physically as well as people's views there)


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  • Context - Great Depression
  • Cunninghams and Ewells and how they behave differently


  • Atticus shoots the dog as well as defending Tom Robinson
  • Boo Radley at the end leaves comfort of his home

Childhood/ Innocence/ growing up

  • Jem and Scout respect Atticus more
  • Scout's innocence shows how wrong racism is (Mr Cunningham at court house)
  • Jem getting angry at court case and reporting Dill when he run's away
  • Dill is imaginitive and doesn't believe he can do anything to change the world so decides he wants to be a clown.
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  • Atticus is not usual parent as he encourages them to question the world
  • Miss Maudie and Mrs Dubose see it that they can tell them off. Cal also brings them up
  • Dill is contrast showing how important family is and contrast to Ewells
  • Families are estabilished in Maycomb


  • Miss maudies house and everyone comes and helps
  • Gossip spreads quickly and Dolphus Raymond is one person affected
  • Missionary circle is hypocrytical as implies they are tolerant when they arent
  • Aunt alexandra restricts what Scout can do to keep a good reputation
  • Scout taught about Hitler and how wrong it is to discrimintate
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  • Churches are segregated but 'black church' work together to help Tom's family
  • Aunt Alexandra and others attend to uphold identity
  • Mrs Radley doesn't attend and her absence is noticed

Heredity/ background

  • People are prejudged as they tend to stay in Maycomb for generations
  • Aunt A is keen to keep their family reputation and sees herself above others like the Cunninghams
  • Atticus 'risked' his reputation by helping Tom

Honour/ stength/ perseverance

  • Scout restrains herself at school to keep Atticus happy
  • Atticus doesn't retaliate to Bob Ewell
  • Tom Robinson stays relatively calm in trial
  • Mrs Dubose restrains from taking painkillers
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  • Tom Robinson is victim but tolerates the Ewells
  • Atticus with Bob and Aunt Alexandra
  • Scout and Jem tolerate people at Cal's church but Scout finds it hard at school


  • Girls arent a priority but Atticus disagrees
  • Black and whites have very different education
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