This is england


Todorova's theory

1-state of the equilibrium



4-attempts at repair

5-reinstated equilibrium

This theory is also shown in This Is England,because sean is shown to have a normal childhood in 1983, reflecting a calm and undisturbed equilibrium.

when he meets combo, his life begins to be sick and venal.

he recognises it, when milky gets beaten up by combo.

he attempts to repair it, when he throws the flag away, as it reminds him of combo,because combo had previously gave it to him.

reinstated equilibrium-back at his house, he talks to his mum, and a child shouldnt have to be with a group of men.

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significance of the opening scenes news archive fo

Margaret Thatcher is shown.

A dance class is there also.

Princess Diana

Rubiks cube

riots and marches

The sequence manages to show to the audience how the news footage mirrors the sequence of the film, because the light hearted moments of the decade is shown which represenrs to the audience also how Sean's turbulent journey to adulthood is shown to be taking place.

The ironicness of the openong, is that princess diana (there were conspiracies of racist attacks).

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Woodys gang at the first meeting

We first meet Woody's group;

Woody must be the leader,seems as he is the one to invite sean over and into the group.

Woody is sat on one side of the tunnel from the others, which shows how the rest of the group look towards woody as the centre of attention.

woody also tells the rest of the group to sit down, which shows his authority figure, because he tells them to all stop making fun of seans flares.


woody stands above the others in the group, which shows his authority over the rest of the group.

smacks Gadgets pie out of his hand-showing his authority.Woody doesnt like any conflict in the groups, showing how there are no ranks within the group and how woody doesnt want there to be any conflict within the group.He wants to be a peace keeper

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combos group

combo is shown as being more more strong willed in the group,being more disciplinary and aggressive.

he doesnt believe their loyalty in the group, so ultimately needs violence in order to reinforce the control over the group.

he doesnt want to be undermined infront of his troops.

fearing he is losing control over his troops, who are his sons.(

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skinhead characters

Meadows created skinhead characters through the characters of combos and woodys groups.He did this, in order to create a balanced picture of the skinhead scene.

He created a motley crew, whose behaviour was often ridiculuos , and a farce.

L plates on the back of combos car, shows how the characters of those who are deprived and meadows does this purposely to show to the audience how the group members are like this, because they are deprived.

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The hunt

mindless and dangerous vandalism

guns , slingshots and hunting gear etc.

lack of direction is shown here.

abandoned lives.

we're all friends here- which shows how "its all a bit of fun", whcih shows how they are all considering each other as good friends, who are just on a casual man hunt.

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shauns acceptance in the group

doc martins in the shop

rebelling against the authority of his mum(an authority figure), which is typical of the skinhead movement.

Also, the use of lol shaving off his hair, ironically acts as a motherly,nurturing figure.

rebelling against Synthia, which shows his actions to annoy her, as she is an authority figure and that is what the skinhead movement troops did.

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The party scene

shaun is sat in the middle of the group on the sofa.

encouraged to talk to smell, and everyone cheers him on.

cheesy pick up lines- "beautiful like the moon"

Banjo is shown to be physically strong, through his fierce tattoos and he looks physically huge, which shows how he is a big character.

wog and big sweaty and black handpud pud

these all show how racism is flouted throughout the film,fullfilling the stereotype of the typical skinhead.

lol knudges woody, implying that he should say something because she doesnt agree with this.

melancholy music of the piano is played here, which represents to the audience that this is aimed at the audeince to disagree instantly with combo, as meadows doesn't want us to like the character of combo.

A clear division is shown here, because lol,woody and milky are shown to avoid eye contact, whereas Gadget and Pukey are shown to encourage combo,and are completely oblivious to the others uncomfortanbleness.

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case study for merchadise



The Disney store still has a whol section on Frozen, in 2016 3 years after the film was released.Read full cards now


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