Theme: Peasantry/Society

key events with regard to russian peasantry 


Personal Freedoms

  • Emancipation decree 1861
  • NEP
  • Virgin Lands Scheme
  • Tsarist Era - Repression of Non-Orthodox religion
  • Provisional Government abolition of religious, national and social privileges 
  • Execution of several bishops ordered by Lenin
  • Many Churches closed during collectivisation 
  • De-Kulakisation as a means of enforcing collectivisation
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Land Ownership

  • Emancipation Decree 1861 - Peasantry received 80% of land they tilled
  • Peasantry forced to collectivise their land under collectivisation 
  • Virgin Lands Scheme offered a chance for people to develop their farms
  • Stolypin's land bank scheme offered peasants chance to buy land from government
  • Also reduced power of the Mir with regard to land
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Standard of Living

  • NEP saw an end to grain requisition 
  • 1890s - Squeeze on the peasantry 
  • Khrushchev abolishes Motor Tractor Stations
  • In the Tsarist era less than 2% of the peasantry could read
  • 1953-58 Under Khrushchev, GNP growth @ 6.7% per year
  • Khrushchev placed priority on consumer goods
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Government Interference

  • 1918 Prodrazvyorstka - Requisition of agricultural surpluses above the absolute minimum requirement 
  • Stolypin Era - Peasants allowed to leave the Mir without seeking their consent first.
  • Collectivisation 
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