The Yalta Conference-Feb 1945

Feb 1945- The Big Three met in Yalta Some points were agreed on, others not:                    Stalin would join the war against Japan Nazi Concentration Camp People- trails  free elections in liberated countries UNO would be formed X- no agreement on Russian Occupation of Poland The Big Three alliance began to break down here-   There was no trust- and belifes were fundemantaly opposite.

The Yalta Conference-Feb 1945

  • Feb 1945
  • The Big Three- Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill
  • Somethings agreed upon others not
    • Stalin against Japan once Germans surrendered
    • Germany and Berlin would divide into four zones
    • Nazi concentration camp officers-trial and punishment
    • Liberated countries- free elections
    • UN-peace after the war
    • the USSR would get a sphere of influence
    • Ony Disagreemant: Poland- USSR wanted to swollow it up R & C said NO
  • Yalta was the start of the falling out of the big three
  • Stalin didn't trust Roosevelt or Churchill
  • He thought Churchill was joke
  • Churchill was suspicious of Stalin
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