Yalta and Potsdam

The Yalta conference, February 1945

At the Yalta conference, the allied leaders got on well together, despite their differences. The following points were agreed:

1.      Germany would be divided into 4 zones. These would be run by USA, France, Great Britain and the USSR.

2.      Germany’s capital city, Berlin would also be divided into 4 zones. Berlin was in the soviet zone.

3.      The countries of Eastern Europe would be allowed to hold free elections to decide how they would be governed.

4.      The USSR would join the war against Japan in return for territory in Manchuria and Sakhalin Island.

The Potsdam conference, July-August 1945

A second conference was arranged in the berlin suburb of Potsdam in July 1945, two months after the war in Europe had ended. By the time this second conference


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