Yalta and Potsdam conferences

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  • Yalta and Potsdam conferences
    • Yalta
      • Effects
        • Agreed Germany would be divided into 4 zones. Berlin would also e divided into 4 zones (but it was in the soviet zone so caused tensions)
          • Tensions: Window of capitalism within the soviet zone
        • Stalin agreed to join Roosevelt in the war against Japan one Germany surrendered
          • United superpowers and encouraged them to stay allies in the future after the war
        • Did not agree about what to do with Poland
          • Worsened tensions because the red army was already in control of Poland so it made it difficult for the other Superpowers to negotiate as Stalin had the upper hand
      • What happened
      • What  happened before this
        • Invasion of France
        • Know they are going to win the war
    • Potsdam
      • Effects
        • Division of Germany - Germany divided into 4 zones and so was Berlin, but Berlin was in the soviet zone and so this therefore caused tensions
        • Demiliterise Germany, make Germany weaker so it was not a threat to the superpowers
        • Germany to pay reparations to allies
          • 25% to USSR
        • Could not agree how/if they should economically cripple Germany. Disagreement caused tensions
      • What happened
        • Attle Truman and Stalin met at Potsdam in July 1945
      • What happened before this
        • Churchill not PM, Roosevelt dead
        • Atomic bomb tested
        • Soviet troops liberated countries in E Europe but did not remove military presence
        • Stalin sets up communist government in Poland despite agreement at Yalta, protests from GB and US and wishes of Poles (claims defensive)
          • Because agreements broken-causes tensions and distrust


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