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  • erosion
    • hydraulic action
      • pressure of water being thrown against the cliffs by the wave. compression of air in cracks, as the water gets into the cracks in the cliff face it puts more pressure in cracks and rock may break off
    • Corrasion (abrasion)
      • Sand and pebbles carried within waves are thrown against the cliff face with considerable force breaking off rocks.
    • Corrosion (solution)
      • chemical reactions between certain rock types and slat and other acids in the water wearing the cliff away over time.
    • attrition
      • wearing away of rocks which are in the sea. as rocks are thrown about by the waves they chip away at each other until smooth pebbles or sand are formed.
    • weathering
      • physical weathering is caused by the temperature of rocks. freeze thaw
      • biological weathering caused by plants or animals burrowing into rocks
      • chemical weathering is caused by minerals in rock reacting with rain water or sea water eventually wearin away.


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