The Overthrow of the Monarchy

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The Military Crisis

The French army was not ready for the war, most of their officers had emigrated and there was the major issue of desertion- including Lafayette and even the foreign minister- General Doumouirez. Whole units deserted and some even murdered their commander, treasons and traitors were blamed for the French defeats, and Marie Antoinette had sent military plans to the Austrians.

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Royal Vetoes

The goverment had other problems to also deal with, for example- opposition from refractory preists and counter revoloutionaries. On the 27th May the Assembly passed a law for the deportation of refractory preists. On 19th June, Louis vetoed these laws and when the girondin minster, Roland protested Louis dismissed him and other girondin ministers.


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The Federes

the federes were militant revoloutionairy militants and republicans, they were a powerful pressure in large nubers and they were extremly radical in the calling of the removal of the king.

The Girondins, changed their attitude of opposition to the King and they came to him with a proposal:

They offered to prevent a uprising if Louis was to recall the ministers he had dismessed on the 13th June.


The Jacobin leader, Maximillian Robespierre was co-operating with the central committee of the the Federes and in a speech to the Jacobin club he put forward his proposals:

  • Abandonment of the consitition of 1791
  • The overthrow of the monarchy
  • the establishment of a national convention and elections to include Universal Male Suffarage (a vote for every man above a certain age)
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The Brunswick Mannefesto

This was a document issued by the commander in cheif of the Austrian-Prussian armies, it added to the worsening tension of Robespierre proposals and the Federes

its main terms were:

  • to ensure the welfare of France, not to invade her.
  • to restore the liberty of Louis XVI and his family
  • To set free Louis and his family from the city of paris without harm or delay
  • If the Tuilries palace was attacked and Louis was harmed the Austrain Prussian army that they would infilct a "exemplary vengeance" on Paris and its citizens.

the mannifesto was intened to help the king but actually it really had the opposite effect, people were infuriated by it and felt there was foreign intervation in their affairs. They started to demand the abolition of the monarchy and the creation of a republic. The brunswiick mannifesto persuaded many that a uprising was neccessary.

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