The Thermidorian Reaction

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  • The Thermidorian Reaction
    • Thermidorians
      • Those individuals & groups who had helped overthrow Robespierre
      • mixed group - members of the CPS and CGS, ex-terrorists and deputies of the Plain
    • There was great popular outburst of delight and relief when Robespierre was executed
      • Journalist - Charles de Lacretele reported "People were hugging each other in the streets and at places of entertainment and they were so surprised to find themselves still alive that their joy almost turned to frenzy"
    • members of the Plain
      • men who had gained from the Revolution by buying land or obtaining government contracts
      • as Regicides - they were firmly attached to the Republic and did not want to see the return of a monarchy, even a constitutional one
        • Regences
          • those involved in the trial and execution of Louis XVI
    • Regences
      • those involved in the trial and execution of Louis XVI
    • With Robespierre out of the picture, a number of the bourgeoisie who had been repressed under the Reign of Terror—many of them Girondins—burst back onto the scene at the National Convention in the late summer of 1794.
      • The freed Jacobin Prisoners,      neutralized the power of the government, and executed many of Robespierre's cohorts - 21 - this was the thermidorian reaction
      • They also undid some of Robespierres real achievements,for example - the General Maximum. They then printed more money - leading to prices skyrocketing and inflation hit the poor hard. The poor tried to revolt but without Robespierre's support it was they were quickly         suppressed.


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