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  • Sans-Culottes
    • The Storming of the Bastille
      • The King lost control in Paris, where the electors set up a Commune to run the city
      • The Assembly prepared to draw a constitution.
      • Real power passed from the King to the elected representatives of the people.
      • News of the fall spread through France and intensified activity among the peasantry
    • October Days
      • Royal family brought back to Paris, where their freedom and political influence, would be significantly reduced.
    • Favoured the Cordeliers Club measures
    • Champ de Mars
    • Leaders of the Paris sections held an armed demonstration
      • The power had gave way to the popular democracy of the sans-culottes
    • The attack on the Tuileries
    • The battle of Valmy
    • The Emergence of Terror
      • Montagnards drew closer to the Sans-Culottes
      • Economic demands
      • The armee revolutionnaire
      • Religious terror
    • The Overthrow of the monarchy
    • Responsible for the journee of 31 May- 2 June 1793
      • Brought the Jacobins to power, concessions made to them
        • New constitution 24 june 1793, stating the rights of people to work & be educated.
        • to fight war effectively, conscription - levee en masse
        • economic concessions- maximum legislation to fix prices, making the hoarding of goods a capital offence
    • The overthrow of Robespierre


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