The New Right


The New Right

became influential in the 1980s

closely associated with Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Ronald Reagan in the US

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Family Values and Back to Basics

  • journalists and politicians believed in moral decay and wanted to return to traditional norms and values
  • they believed that lifelong marriage and recognition of paternal responsibilities was the way to this
  • over generous benefits allowed fathers to opt out of responsibilities
  • do not approve of gay or lesbian relationships
  • womans first responsibility should be in the home

Dennis and Erdos

  • one parent families put boys at a disadvantage


  • boys lack a positive male role model and this leads to lack of self control

Evidence is questionable

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Murray: The Underclass

people who are long term unemployed and cannot be bothered to work

this group is responsible for many societal problems such as petty crime and anti social behaviour

these people deserve no sympathy as they have only themselves to blame

'disease is spreading'

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  • would like to use a zero tolernace policy
  • blame the welfare state for rising crime rates
  • poverty is not a reason for crime
  • it is a break down in civilities and respect for authority that is the ause
  • people choose to act deviantly
  • punishment should therefore be tougher
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