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What type of theory is the New Right?
A political theory
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FOr the New Right's views on change, how do they view change in society?
Society resists social change and want to revert back to the 'Golden Age'
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What theory is the New Right closely linked to and why?
-Functionalists, -As it is based on consensus,
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What has NEw Right ideas influenced?
The political right/ Conservative party in recent years,
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How do the New Right view modern society?
They are pessimistic,
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What do the New Right want to return to and why?
The 'Golden age' which emphasises traditional values,
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The New Right bases its theories on the idea that what society encourages what?
-Capitalist society, -Encourages choice,
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What two choices do the NEw Right suggest society encourages?
-How individuals spend and earn their money, -What services they want to pay for,
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What intervention do New Right sociologists believe should be avoided and why?
-Excessive state intervention, such as the welfare state, -As this interferes with the workings of the economy,
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What do the New Right argue is the best way to increase efficiency and savings?
The free market and competition,
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Why are the New Right specifically against the welfare state?
As they believe that it encourages individuals to be dependent on benefits,
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What sociologists put forward what theory about the welfare state?
-Murray, -Culture of dependency,
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What is Murray's 'Culture of dependency' theory?
He assumes the poor need to take responsiblity for their situation as dependency creates more poverty and unemployment,
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What term does Murray use to descibe those dependent on welfare benefits?
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Describe the 'underclass'?
A class beneath the workign class characterised by long term unemployment, high levels of crime and unstable families,
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What did Murray's views on the underclass do to welfare benefits and the poor?
-They provided a basis for savage cute in welfare benefits and attacks on the poor throughout the 1980s,
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For applications of the New Right, what policy do the New Right favour in education?
Marketisation of education,
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What do the New Right mean by the marketisation of education?
Creating choice in which school to go to, league tables, competition etc,
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What effect do the New Right believe this will have?
They believe it will raise standards,
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For the family, what family type do the NEw Right favour?
The conventional patriarchal nuclear family,
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For the family, how do they view high divorce rates and why?
-They view high divorce rates as undesireable, -AS it undermines the nuclear family
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What does Murray argues high divorce rates help create?
An underclass of female lone parents, leaving boys without a role model
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For religion, give an example of a fundamentalist group who shares New Right views?
The New Christian Right,
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What views do the New Right and the New Christian Right share?
They support their traditionalist views and believe that a wider uptake of their beliefs will lead to a healthier society,
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FOr crime, what do the New Right see as the key cause of crime and why?
-Single parent families, -As young children grow up without a male role model,
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What group is single parent families particularly strong amongst?
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What has the over generous welfare system believe to create amongst who?
-Culture of dependency, -Amongst the underclass,
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How does this link to crime?
The underclass are believe to supplement their welfare benefits with crime,
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What sociologists believes a lack of what leads to social disorder and examples?
-Wilson and Kelling, -Lack of formal and informal social control e.g. lack of crime prevention, policies officers on the street and 'soft sentencing',
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What is Wilson and Kelling's soluition?
Crack down on any disorder with a zero tolerance policing,
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What successful evidence supports Wilson and Kelling's solution?
New York 'Clean Car Program' on the subway,
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Thus, how does this support the New Right views on crime?
Supports New Right ideas that inadequate social control and 'soft sentencing' leads to crime,
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For links to research methods, what do the New Right often do with the government rather than what themselves?
They advise Governments theoretically, rather than take part in research themselves,
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Although what theory do they agree with and which methods do they tend to use?
-Functionalism, -Positivist methods such as official statistics,
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For strengths of the New Right, where have they been very important?
Important politically,
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When did the New Right develop politically?
When governments/ politicians wanted to stress the importance of individual responsibility and not rely on others,
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Give an example with Thatcher's government?
Thatcher political regimes made huge cuts in welfare provisions,
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What is another strength of the New Right based on how they see society and choices?
NEw Right theories see society consisting of individuals who are free to make choices,
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Why is this a strength?
AS it is different to most structural approaches in society,
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For another streength, what have New Right ideas been used to solve?
Real social problems,
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Give an example with health campaigns?
Health campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles have had some success in Britian,
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How have New Right ideas reduced crime levels in certain areas?
Their crime prevention strategies such as CCTV and improved street lighting,
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For a weakness of New Righ ideas, why have they been criticised based on social theory?
It is criticised for not being a real or coherent social theory,
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Arguably, wha tis tbe New Right linked to that means it isn't objective and lacks bias?
Some say it is linked to a political position (Conservative Party),
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What is another weakness based on the 'golden age'?
There are questions as to whether there ever really was a 'golden age' for the instituions,
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What is the alternative argument?
The insitutions were just different and have gone through major changes,
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What is a negative based on their idea of resisting social change?
The New Right believe in going back to traditional values, so it wants to go back rather than look ahead,
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What is another criticism of the New Right as it lacks what evidence?
The New Right have been criticised for having no real empirical evidence to back up its theories,
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What is the weakness of lacking empirical evidence?
AS little research has been carried out, they provide no real evidence that the theory has legitimate points,
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What political group contrasts to the New Right?
The New Labour,
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When did the New Labour come into government?
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What were their policies like?
More 'left-wing,
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What was their what philosophy a mix of and so what did they try to introduce?
-Third Way Philosophy, -A mix of socialist and capitalist approaches, -Generates wealth and reduces social inequalities,
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For a New Labour policy, how did they introduce greater state intervention?
In the form of 'Welfare to Work' programmes and tax credits,
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How did this help people?
It helped people on lower incomes to get back to employment and out of the underclass,
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What was another policy introduced for disadvantages parents?
Schemes such as Sure Sttart,
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What is another policy introduced aimed towards crime?
Policies aimed to be 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime',
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However, is there a link betwee New Labour policies and New Right ideas?
Yes some New Labour policies have shown the influence of New Right ideas,
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Give an example with marriage?
New Labour regards married couple as normally the best way to bring up children,
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FOr the New Right's views on change, how do they view change in society?


Society resists social change and want to revert back to the 'Golden Age'

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What theory is the New Right closely linked to and why?


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What has NEw Right ideas influenced?


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