The Legal Profession-Solicitors

Revision of what we have learnt in law so far

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What are the 7 foundations of knowledge?

Criminal law
Quality and trust
Law of the European Union
Obligations 1 (contract)
 Obligations 2 (tart)
Property/ Land law
Public law ( constritutional law, administrative law and human right law)

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If a person has a non law degree, what extra qualifications do they need to become a lawyer?

They have to take a common professional exam

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What is the skill based profession that all solicitors must pass?

Legal practice course
 training and skills negotiaion
advocacy (when a client is taken to court and represented by someone else)

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What is a training contract?

the training contract which includes the professional skills course (psc) is the final stage on the path of qualifying as a solicitor.

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What problems can arise when training to be a lawyer?

Students will usually have to pay the fees (about 7,000) and this could cause financial problems,could be a lack of knowledge as the legal practice course may not be long enough.

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Explain 3 types of work that solicitors may carry out.

may work in a private practice in a solicitors firm, write letters on behalf of clients, drafting contracts, leases or other legal documents, drawing up wills, dealing with convayancing (the legal side of byuing and selling flats, houses, office building and land).

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What is a certificate for advocacy?

Solicitors have to take extra examinations to get the certificate which allows the solicitors to appear in higher court.

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Which body represents the solicitors?

the law society

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Which indipendent body now deals with complaints about poor service by a solicitor?

The legal Ombudsman handles complaints about solicitors.

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