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A solicitor is a lawyer who deals directly with clients by giving them legal advice and preparing legal documents. A solicitor can also advocate for a client in court.

Education and Training of Solicitors
Academic Stage- The quickest route to becoming a solicitor is by completing a law degree recognised by the SRA (solicitors regulation association). The degree must consist of the core modules which are criminal and public law, legal research and obligations. There are also optional modules that can be taken such as environmental law or intellectual property.
If the solicitor to be has not taken a degree recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Association then they must complete one of two courses, Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or the Common Profession Examination (CPE). These courses cover the core modules.
Before continuing onto training, the candidate must become a student member of the Solicitors Regulation Association

Vocational Training- The next stage after the education to becoming a solicitor is to take the Legal Practice Course. This course is practically based and is 1 year full time study or 2 years part time study. The cost for the course is £12,000. The candidate will learn skills such as advocacy, client interviewing and negotiation

Professional Training- The final stage of training for a solicitor is the professional training stage. Here the solicitor is given a two year contract at a Solicitors Firm that is authorised by the SRA. In that time they gain experience in three different areas of English law. The annual salary at this point is £16,650 minimum.

The solicitor must take the professional skills course when they are undergoing their professional training. The course aims to revise the


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