The Great Gatsby Symbols Quotes

The Great Gatsby Symbols Quotes

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Real Books (pg38)

  • A lot of Gatsby is a façade built up to please Daisy
  • Unopened and unread could be compared to Gatsby
  • "Absolutely real" "Have pages"

Valley of Ashes (pg21)

  • "where ashes grow like wheat."
  • "grotesque gardens"
  • "ash-grey men swarm up"
  • grey, lifeless image links to Wilson's "ashen" face.

Green Light (pg 20 and 142)

  • "stretched out his arms toward the dark water." Gatsby "vanished" (pg20)
  • "Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future." (pg142)
  • unobtainable dreams
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Daisy's Name

  • white= innocence
  • represent even the purest are corrupt but does stay with tom so not completely

Shirts (pg74)

  • '"They're such beautiful shirts," she sobbed' --> materialism (comp. cars)

East egg vs. west egg (pg7)

  • east egg- "white palaces of the fashionable east"
  • west egg- "the less fashionable of the two."

Eyes of T.J.Eckleberg (pg127)

  • "You can't fool God!" --> "that's an advertisement" (michaelis)
  • The eyes of God are ever present, even though most characters don't believe
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