The Fuhrer and the Vodz

Revision cards about the Fuhrer and the Vodz.

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Preparing for War

  • 1933 Hitler bame Chancellor
  • Germany, Italy (both Facists) and Imperialist Japan came together declaring Russia a common enemy.

Soviet Union Response:

  • Reform Military
  • Spies
  • Divert economic resources to rearmament.

However, in each case Stalin's paranoia made all of this ineffective.

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Reforming the military

  • Started in 1935
  • Under Trotsky  all ranks within army were abolished.
  • Stalin brought back these ranks of officers.


HOWEVER, between 1937 &1938 over 34,000 soldiers were purged and several  army officers meaning a lot of experties were lost.

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International Espionage

  • Soviet Union had spies in USA, UK, France & German governement.
  • Stalin refused to accept all the information as he didn't trust the intelligence.
  • For much of this time anyway, spy resources was spent trying to find Trotsky
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Economic Preparation

  • 3rd 5YP started in 1938.
  • Purges led to chaos and meant that the plan was never finished.
  • Administrators only left with drafts.
  • Government departments argued over allocation of money.
  • Under this plan 11 times more money spent on defence.

Remarkable acheivments:

  • 1936 = 6 new aircraft factories built & 24 new factories for explosives production.
  • 1938--1942 = number of tanks made doubled.
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Nazi Soviet Pact


Publically the Pact said:

  • Germany & Russia would respect each others territory.
  • They would increase trade as a sign of friendship.

Privately the Pact said:

  • Germany could control Western Poland & Czechslovakia
  • Russia could control Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia (in a month he overthrew them)

German invasion of Poland:

1 week later, Germany had invaded Poland and taken over capital. Stalin phoned to congatulate him.


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Reasons for Stalin's decision

  • Neither USA or UK seemed interested in forming alliance with Russia, or seemed fussed about stopping Hitler.
  • Stalin wanted to "buy time" - he thought wouldn't be ready until 1943.
  • Lenin adviced the German Communists & GermanCommunist to form a pact in order to overthrow Demo gov.
  • Stalin admired Hitler.
  • It was the only way for recapture European countries that were Russian territory.
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Germany Invades Russian




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