John Proctor

  • Plays the tragic hero within the play.
  • A local farmer who lives just outside the town of Salem.
  • Elizabeth is Proctors wife.
  • A stern, harsh tounged man who hates hypocristy,
  • He has an affair with Abigail Williams - who once was his servant.
  • When the hysteria begins he is hesitant to expose Abigail - this is to protect his family name and his secret will be revealed.
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Abigail Williams

  • Reverend Parris' niece and Betty's Cousin.
  • Was once a servant for the Proctor household
  • Elizabeth Proctor fired her when she found out about Abigail and Proctors affair.
  • Abigail could be suggesed as the one who has caused majority of the hysteria in the town.
  • She is manipulative but intellegent in the way she does this.
  • She asked Tituba to do the voodoo in the woods.
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Reverend John Hale

  • A young minister reputed to be an 'expert' in the witchcraft area.
  • He is bought into Salem to examine Betty - This is the cause of the witchcraft hysteria.
  • Commited Christian and he hates Witchcraft and work of the Devil.
  • He regains morals by trying to protect the people he has accused.
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Elizabeth Proctor

  • John Proctors Wife.
  • She fired Abigail for having an affair with John.
  • Extremely virtuous and also very cold around John.
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Reverend Parris

  • The minister of Salem's Church.
  • Very paranoid, power-hungry but a self-pitty figure.
  • Many of the towns people dislike him - Proctor in particular.
  • Concerned with building his position within society.
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The Nurse's

Rebecca Nurse:

  • Francis' wife.
  • Has tremendous regard with the town's people
  • Falls when she denies the claim of being a witch.

Francis Nurse:

  • A wealthy, influential man in Salem.
  • Respected within the community - like his wife.
  • Enemy of Putnams as they accused Rebecca for being a Witch.
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Judge Danforth

  • The deputy governor of Massachusetts and the presidenting Judge at the Trials.
  • Danforth believes that he is doing good in the town.
  • Parris believes what he says.
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Giles Corey

  • An elderly farmer in Salem.
  • Famous for his tendancy to file lawsuits.
  • Giles Wife, Martha, is accused to witchcraft - accidentially by him.
  • He is killed due to being 'a witch' - he is crushed to death by rocks.
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The Putnam's

Thomas Putnam

  • A Wealthy, influential citizen to Salem
  • Francis Nurse and him are enemies due to him denying Thomas' brother in law from being elected office minister.
  • He gains/buys the land off the people who have been accused of being witches.

Ann Putnam

  • Married to Thomas Putnam.
  • Gave birth to 8 children - only Ruth Putnam survived.
  • Thinks her children are killed by supernatural causes - the Devil.

Ruth Putnam

  • The Putnams only child
  • Like Betty - she is sent into a unconcious state after the dancing in the woods.
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  • Parris' black slave from Barbados.
  • Agrees to do Voodoo for the girls in the woods.
  • Main suspect to being a witch - due to being black.
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Mary Warren

  • The servant in the Putnam's household.
  • One of the girls who is telling the lies.
  • Influenced heavily by Abigail.
  • She later is recanted in her confession.
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Betty Parris

  • Revernend Parris' 10 year old daughter.
  • Betty faints and becomes unconcious - like Ruth
  • One of the first to get 'tainted' by the Devil.
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